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Carbon di oxide Pumped Into The Ground Can Be Made Into A Solid Stone!!!!

Carbon capture is a important part of maintaining the balance of Carbon di oxide emission on the planet. Whenever fuel is burnt, all the Carbon di oxide that  is stored within is released into the atmosphere.

Human beings  have been causing this problem for a long time, and are seeing the effects of global climatic changes. Scientists in Iceland have found a way to permanently capture Carbon emissions so that they don’t go into the atmosphere further harming the Green House effect.

Carbon dioxide was pumped into volconic rock in Iceland, which sped up a natural process that turns basalt into carbonate minerals, which then becomes limestone.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide.

This procedure takes normally 100 to 1000 years ,but scientists in icelands were able to do this in only 2 years. This results in carbon capture into a rock that could be stored underground or even used as a  building material so that the captured dioxide never returns to the atmosphere.

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Stem Injected Into Stroke Patients Re-Enable Them To Walk !!!!

Medical  researches  enabled stroke patients to walk by injecting stem into them.

  To all started when clinical trial held at Sanford University School of  Medicine injected  modified  human stem cells directly into the brain  of several  chronic stroke patient .            The procedure was very successful  with  no negative  effect  describe from the infection  and  only  mild  headache  as the result of the procedure  , which was performed on mildly anesthetized  patients. All 18 showed significant healing  long after any healing ,expected following the stroke(period of 6 months ) .  This included  increased mobility and actually allowed patients  who were previously limited to wheelchairs to walk again freely .

This is a great discovery of 2016.                                    Source-Articles                                                                                  Science geeks vijay s nalagi .

Slight Genetic Mutation 800 million years ago led to Multicellular Life !!!!!

During the recent research in 2016 discovery states that there is slight genetic mutation 800 million years ago lead to multicullar life.                                                                                        Researches found that an ancient molecule, GK-PID is the reason single celled organisms started to evolve into multcullar organisms approximately 800 million years ago.

The molecule has found to be line a molecular carabinier able to pull chromosomes together to attach them into one inner wall of a cell membrane when division occurs.     This allows cells to copy properly and avoid becoming cancerous.

The the fantastic discovery indicates the ancient  version of GK-PID did not behave in thsame way  it behaves currently. The only reason it became capable of working  like a  genetic carabiner is due to a single mutation that copied itself  ,  suggesting that  multicullar life is the result of  single identificabl mutation                                                                    So till now you heard mutation. So what is mutation ?                                                                                                       In biology, a mutation is the structure of  a gene, resulting in a variant from which  may  be transmitted to subsequent generation caused by the alteration of single base unit in DNA or the deletion, insertion,or rearrangement of large sections  of genes  or  choromosomes. Mutation is just an alteration of genes in response to the environment. For example, the White tiger is mutated, because generally tigers are orange, but this tiger’s genes are mutated in such a way that they are white

Source- Net information articles based on latest discovery 2016.

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