Friends all of us know chemistry, a subject involving science which is my all time favourite subject. Chemistry deals with the chemicals , gases and even solid object. Just as Physics and Biology , even Chemistry plays an important role in our lives. Now we know chemistry by you have ever though about its history and some great chemists in this field? Now ,I am going to explain you about the history of chemistry:-

To begin with , in the hands of the “Oxford Chemistry” Robert Boyle, Robert Hook, and John Mayow ,chemistry became to enlarge as distinct from the pseudoscience as alchemy. Boyle ( 1627-91) is often called the founder of modern chemistry ( as honour sometimes also given Antoine Lavoisier ,1743-94).

Chemistry was first discovered when inventing process for making soda ash from sodium sulfate , limestone , and coal. Tapputi ,also referred to as Tapputi-Bute is considered to be the worlds first chemist ,a perfume maker mentioned in a cuneiforms tablet data around 1200 BC in Babylonia, Mesopotamia .

Along Lavoisier, Boyle and Dalton, Berzelius is known as the father of modern chemistry. In 1828 he completed the table of relative atomic weights ,where oxygen was set to 100 , and were indicated all of the element known at this time.


* The Harbor – Bosch process   Nitrogen plays a critical role in the biochemistry of living things. It is almost re most common gas  in our atmosphere. But nitrogen gas doesn’t like reacting with all much, which means that plants and animals can interact it from the air.

Consequently a major limiting factor in agricultural has been the availability of nitrogen. Today about 80% of the nitrogen  in our body comes from the Harbor – Bosh process , making this single chemical reaction probably the most important factor in the population explosion of the past 100 years.

* Polyethylene – the accidental invention –  Most common plastic objects ,from water pipes to food packing and hard hats ,are forms of polyethylene. The 80m tonnes of the stuff that is made each year is the result of 2 accidental discoveries. They first occurred in 1898 when German chemist Hans Von Pechmann , while investigating something quite different ,noticed a waxy substance at the bottom of his tubes.

Along with is colleagues he investigated and discovered that it was made up of very long molecular chains which they termed it as polyethylene.


1). Alessandro Volta – he isolated                       methane gas.

2). Iavoisier LL – discovered                                  nitrogen.

3). Frady- laws of electrolysis.

4). Ramsay- discovered inert gases like argon ,helium .

5). Priestly- discovered oxygen.

6). Otto Hahn- discovery of uranium fission.

7). Mendeleo- Perodic table.

8). Lockyer- discovered helium gas.

Not only these people , but there are many other chemists who gave many spectacular and great discoveries and researches in the field of chemistry. Due to these people’s efforts chemistry is flourishing today.

So friends I think you understood the history of chemistry.

Source – books.

Science geeks                                            Vijay S Nalagi


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