During the stages of the Earth  formation, ash, lava, carbon dioxide and  water vapour discharged  onto  the  surface of the planet by  constant  volcanic  eruption.the water forms the oceans, wile carbon dioxide  entered the atmosphere or  was  dissolved in the  ocrans. Cloud,formed of  water droplets,reflected some  of the sun’radiation back into   space.  The  Earth’s temprature  stabilizing and early  life  forms began to emerge,converting  carbon dioxied into  life -giving oxygen.


It is taught that the gases that make up the earth’s  atmosphere originated deep within  the interior , and were realised  many milloon  of  years ago during  intense  valcanic activity, similar to this eruption at  mout st.helens


MILLIONS OF OBJESTS , remnannts of  planetry formation, circle  the sun in a  zone lying  between mars and  jupiter: the asteroid belt. Fragments of asteriods break of to form meteorides , which can reach the Earth’s surface. Comets,conposed of ice  and  dust, originated  outside our solar system. their elliptical orbit brings them close to sun and  into  the inner solar systm. Meteor crater in Arizona is 4200 feet  (1300m) wide and 660 feet (200m) deep. It  was formed over 10,ooo years ago. The orbit of halley’s comet  brings  it close to the EARTH every 76 years. It’s last visit was on 1986.

Space debris are generally blown-up bits of asteroids, or spaceships or garbage sent from space or space explosion.




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